So, my name is kyran…

I was born in the late 90s, so I grew up in the 0s and spend my teens in the 10s. I never really grew up with a lot of space around me so I never really grew up with nature, instead I got used to spending a lot of my time indoors. I fell in love with videogames and television, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a couch potato.

Growing up with videogames was probably very similar to how others would do this, simply be lucky enough to have something to play games on and sometimes be even more lucky to get a new videogame… As a kid I always wanted to make my own, I had a lot of ideas for new games and I started seeing certain patterns in existing ones, sometimes trying to improve those as well.

My dream became a reality after I started a game development course, where I finally got to learn some programming for myself and how to use Unity together with 3D modelling software. During this course I started spending a lot of my time at home working on small projects as well. After I graduated this course I followed this up with a software engineering course.

As of today I still enjoy videogames. Sometimes, when I have time, I like to dive back into the world of video creations and start a whole new story.

Perhaps you’d like to join me?